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ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER // Hand-crafted in Brazil & made of pure Rose Quartz (beware of fakes) is a double Ying Yu Rose Quartz Roller that has been used for centuries to help repair, destress & improve skin texture.

TEISHA SAYS // "I have been a huge advocate of myofascial release & facial fascia for some time, & now I can bring something a little special to my customers with a little luxury. I am all about sustainable & holistic beauty & what a better way to give yourself a little love & a natural facelift with your beautiful Rose Quartz Face Roller."

THE BENEFITS // Much like bodywork, such as massage, lymphatic drainage, rolfing & MFR proper circulation removes toxins from the skin, which help to clarify the complexion, & rejuvenate cell-renewal for a healthy glow. Everything has energy & expels vibration as do pure essential oils & crystals. Rose Quartz is known as an emotional healer & stress reducer in the skin. By regularly using the Rose Quartz Face Roller you're able to release tension & help restore optimal circulation, deep lines can soften & skin becomes rosy & plump again.

APPLICATION // Find an area that feels tight or sore such as: neck, d├ęcolletage, jawline, cheeks, chin, temples, forehead. Focus on this point by rolling with the appropriate end of the roller & put your breath into releasing this tight area with intention. In conjunction with my Rose & French Vanilla Eye Oil, you can use the smaller end to lightly roll-out fine lines & wrinkles.

Repeat every day or week & your skin will definitely thank you for showing it some extra love & keeping worry & wrinkles away.

ROSE RECOVERY SET // Also comes in a gift set which includes Rose Noir Perfume Balm, Rose & French Vanilla Eye Oil & Rose Quartz Face Roller valued at $105.