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ROSE NOIR // A collaboration with Beautiful Because to help raise funds for Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA). A precious parfum obtained from the Rose blossoms of Turkey. Hand-picked in the misted mornings during Spring while dancing with the balsam of Peru enveloping deep feelings of Love.

TEISHA SAYS // “I wanted so create something that represented INDAH, Beautiful Because & the Orangutans. Most importantly all of my products are Palm Oil free & certified with POI; it is such a sad thing that is going on in this world, hence the darkness of the perfume “Noir” meaning darkness. At the time of creation I kept seeing these huge roses, everywhere I’d go along my travels I’d always see at least a rose a day, so I started doing some research & found that Rose is a recurring motif in the mysticism of Turkey, & that’s when I stumbled across a supplier for Turkish Rose oil. It was meant to be. Because we’re launching this before Christmas I made it really sweet like a Turkish Delight. To make the perfume even more special, I’ve placed a single crystal gemstone on top of each balm, so when the wearer rubs their finger on it they’re connecting their energy not only to the pure essential oils but also the healing vibrations from their crystal stone.”

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS // Rich, rosey, sugary, exotic. “Rose is sent to earth by the gardeners of paradise for empowering the mind and the eye of the spirit” ~ Rumi

INGREDIENTS // Palm Oil Free & Vegan. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Candellila Wax, Almond Oil, Turkish Rose Oil, Peru Balsam & Crystal Gemstone. Plus a proprietary blend of absolutes & 100% certified organic essential oils.

ECOLOGICAL // $5 will be donated to BOS Indonesia to help bring the endangered Orangutan species back from the brink of extinction and on a path to freedom.

APPLICATION // Swirl your finger around the stone to melt the balm & apply to heated areas of the body or pulse points such as: your neck, décolletage, cleavage, wrists, elbow creases, behind the knees & ears. Just dab lightly with a wrist without rubbing the oil in. The parfum strength & longevity varies person to person due to ones metabolic rate, you may need to reapply every few hours.

WARNING // Our formulas are made with the strongest & purest oils available, hence their potency. Even though they are natural they may cause a reaction to sensitive skin - we do recommend you do a small patch-test first. We do not recommend you use any kind of perfume (including INDAH ROSE NOIR) whilst pregnant.

CARE // It's up to you to keep your crystal gemstone in your perfume balm, however, we recommend you do to create some high-vibes. Keep perfume balm away from heat & direct sunlight to avoid spillage.