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LUNETTE MENSTRUAL CUP // The Lunette menstrual cup is the future of period care. Beat the period blues with this cool, calming companion. The Lunette menstrual cup is bell-shaped cup that gives you a comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day. It’s also reusable and lasts several years meaning less time, money and stress!

TEISHA TALKS ABOUT HER TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME FROM USING TAMPONS // "I thank my integrated doctors at Brighton Women's Clinic who helped me through TSS. I was using a very popular organic tampon company here in Australia, & I promised myself I will never ever use tampons again. I hope it empowers you to consider using Menstrual Cups, not only for the health of your body but for our environment...oh & wallet"

SIZING // MODEL 1 Is recommended for light to medium flow or for ladies who have never had sexual intercourse. The diameter is 41 mm (1.6 inches) by 47 mm (1.9 inches). The stem measures 25 mm (1 inch). The volume of the cup is 25 ml (0.85 fl oz). Model 1 is made from softer silicone than model 2. MODEL 2 // This cup is LUNETTE'S bestseller, it's recommended for medium to heavy flow. The diameter is 46 mm (1.8 inches) by 52 mm (2 inches). The stem measures 20 mm (0.8 inches). The volume of the cup is 30 ml (1.0 fl oz). Made from a firmer silicone than model 1.

APPLICATION // If you're new to Menstrual Cups, we recommend you head to the Lunette Website for more in-depth information & how-to videos.

ECOLOGICAL // Less Spending: Ditch the regular dash to the store and protect your purse strings with the best reusable choice that lasts several years. Healthier you: Lunette menstrual cups collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy. Happier planet: No more endless purchases, plastics and packaging. Every period with your reusable Lunette menstrual cup is a winning vote for the environment. More control: Unlike tampons, you never “run out” of Lunette. Like an invisible sidekick it runs around with you either in a handy, cute pouch or sitting comfortably inside you. Meaning you can say goodbye to the worry, the hassle, the leaks and just live your life.