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L'AMOUR // Our love-blend is perfectly compounded with the exotic flower of the night Jasmine + Patchouli.

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS // Boosting + restoring sexual vitality. Builds strength between the heart + the mind to create happiness + mental stability.

INGREDIENTS // 100% Real + Premium Quality: Coconut Oil, Jasmine + *Patchouli + *Jasmine Flowers (*Denotes Certified Organic).

ECOLOGICAL // Keeping in line with INDAH’s brand values each scent has been hand-crafted using only premium quality natural + certified organic essential oils + greasy free Coconut Oil. Free from preservatives, synthetics, fillers, toxins or artificial fragrances + completely palm oil free + vegan friendly.

APPLICATION // Roll-on to heated areas of the body or pulse points such as: your neck, décolletage, cleavage, wrists, elbow creases, behind the knees + ears. Just dab lightly with a wrist without rubbing the oil in. The perfume strength + longevity varies person to person due to ones metabolic rate, you may need to reapply every few hours.

WARNING // Our formulas are made with the strongest + purest oils available, hence their potency. Even though they are natural they may cause a reaction to sensitive skin - we do recommend you do a small patch-test first. We do not recommend you use any kind of perfume (including INDAH L'AMOUR) while pregnant.