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ÊTRE ZEN // Meaning to be Zen. Symbolises escape into the world of dreams where only peace resides & soothes the flow of energy in the body creating a sense of harmony.

TEISHA SAYS // I use to make solid perfume balms for INDAH a few years ago, & they were such a hit. I thought my customers didn’t mind that I wanted to relaunch the brand without them, but a year into the new INDAH I've realised you miss them! It took me some time to figure out the perfect way to bring them back. I wanted to make something extra special for you so not only is Zen Perfume Balm back, included in each one is a single crystal gemstone. Whenever we engage in daily intentional activities of the body, speech & mind we let them be actions that result in wholesome impressions."

AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS // Sweet, warm & rich-spicy notes helps to renergise an uninspired, lethargic mind & encourages the spirit to focus on new horizons & encouraging a meditative state & deepening spirituality.

INGREDIENTS // Palm Oil Free & Vegan. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Candellila Wax, Almond Oil, *Cardamom & *Frankincense & Crystal Gemstone (*Denotes Certified Organic). Plus a proprietary blend of absolutes & 100% certified organic essential oils.

ECOLOGICAL //  I think it's important to note that ancient plant oils, woods & resins are becoming extinct because of unorthodox farming methods (due to high demand of commercial essential oil companies particularly Multi Level Marketing MLM). I am trying to respect the environment by using certified organic materials in this perfume & thereby support sustainable trading.

APPLICATION // Swirl your finger around the stone to melt the balm & apply to heated areas of the body or pulse points such as: your neck, décolletage, cleavage, wrists, elbow creases, behind the knees & ears. Just dab lightly with a wrist without rubbing the oil in. The parfum strength & longevity varies person to person due to ones metabolic rate, you may need to reapply every few hours.

WARNING // Our formulas are made with the strongest & purest oils available, hence their potency. Even though they are natural they may cause a reaction to sensitive skin - we do recommend you do a small patch-test first. We do not recommend you use any kind of perfume (including INDAH ÊTRE ZEN) whilst pregnant.

CARE // It's up to you to keep your crystal gemstone in your perfume balm, however, we recommend you do to create some high-vibes. Keep perfume balm away from heat & direct sunlight to avoid spillage.