Teisha Lowry Empowering


INDAH has stood the test of time in business + beauty to know that there's more to it than meets the eye. Starting out as a small home-made business from an apartment in Melbourne almost 10 years ago, then becoming one of Australia's leading organic brands, to crashing overnight in one big swoop. My customers who've supported INDAH from the beginning know what I'm talking about...without you there isn't this imperfect - beautiful brand.

You see me sitting around naked in my photos because it's showing my strength + supporting my environment by exposing the beast inside of me + my shadow. I've never hidden anything from my customers only the truth in beauty. I believe the dark side of one's nature is good, to accept everything about ourselves + make friends with it is a healthy way to live.

INDAH allows you to focus on finding beauty within your imperfections + accepting your authentic self so you can then feel empowered + make wholesome choices in your environment.

I hope INDAH can help you define yourself - whoever, whatever you want to be today, for a better tomorrow.

Teisha Lowry, founder + creator of INDAH.