Teisha Lowry aromatherapist


From the beginning INDAH has always been me, with my values at its core. I'm always evolving & I felt INDAH needed to evolve too so I stripped it bare & went back to the basics. The products are about simplifying people’s lives & fitting into their busy active lifestyles.

Each formula has also been streamlined with minimal & ethical ingredients to ensure each one works in harmony with the body’s physiology. I have formulated & designed each product; they are also handcrafted by me in small fresh batches, apart from the Coconut Oil. You order it, I hand-bottle each creation, wrap & pack it in the most economical & environmentally friendliest way possible.

The simplification of the brand, including eliminating surplus manufacturing costs, has allowed the products to be very accessible without compromising on the ingredients. I use the very best ingredients 100% natural & certified organic where possible but not only that I try & buy direct from ethical farms & I do not use any endangered plant species.

I do not advocate & nor will I ever promote or support MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)beauty & essential oil companies companies such as DoTerra or Young Living. What they're doing to our environment is unethical & not to mention detrimental to plant & animal species.

Have nothing in your life & your environment that you don't know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. Live a simpler, more intentional life.

Teisha Lowry, founder & creator of INDAH.