Her childhood was shaped by a loving family, a mother with a passion for gardening & cooking. As a passion for dance transformed into a successful modelling career, Lowry found herself traveling the world - a far cry from the outback mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. But, personal heartbreak led to a transformative experience in a foreign country. Now she is an advocate for healthy & sustainable living & her story is an inspiring one.

Looking for direction, Lowry set out on a desperate search to find the answer to her broken heart in Indonesia. She had been reading the book Eat, Pray, Love & decided to find the medicine man from Bali who was portrayed in the book. Instead, she accidentally stumbled across a herbalist & healer where she taught Lowry through her craft, which leads Lowry to study aromatherapy & obtaining her diploma. It sounds like a scene from the book, or perhaps a movie, but she showed Lowry how she would extract ginger oil & lemongrass oil & INDAH was born reflecting the "beauty" of Bali. In March 2008 the first product from INDAH & Lowry’s aromatherapy-based beauty line was on the market. The range originally used organic ingredients sourced in Bali & was put into production on a larger scale in Australia & obtained certified organic under the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) banner. 

Despite some challenges & some unlucky business relations - as all businesses face - INDAH is still going & it is all Lowry. As she says, “INDAH started with me & my thoughts. It started with just me. I have my beautiful family helping now but it started with just me doing everything: wrapping & packing, selling, marketing, PR, raising funds - everything. INDAH is my soul. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey & it is my life & nobody can take that away from me anymore.”

Although she has been campaigning on the issue for some years now, it was in early 2013 that Lowry officially became an ambassador for BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation). According to Lowry, “I was so excited to come on board as an ambassador for BOS Australia, & already have adopted two babies, Miko and Dodo,” says Teisha. “Orangutans are our closest ancestors, sharing 98 percent of our DNA, so I try & do as much as I can on a personal & business level to bring awareness to this wonderful cause.” In October 2014 Teisha married & her wedding guests raised $500 for BOS Australia in lieu of gifts.

As far as the future goes, things are relatively simple for Lowry. She says, “I really want to let people know about issues that matter & that they can do something about it. I want to get the word out there about palm oil & also about the absolute need to use simple products using real ingredients.

As much as she has great ambitions to help make a better world, Lowry also has simpler ambitions closer to home. “My motto,” she says, “is to live with simplicity. I’ve cleared out so much crap & clutter from life. If I can just make everything really simple, starting with my food, then I will be living the life I want to live. I’ve thrown out most of my wardrobe, which was huge for me. If you come into my house I’ve got simple things. I’ve just got the clothes I need & I eat really clean food & this is all infused into the new generation of INDAH."

INDAH with TLC - which doesn't necessarily mean with Tender Loving Care - even though it is made with it, but because it's everything Teisha Lowry Cox lives & breathes is what INDAH is today, nothing but bare & real. Lowry has been in the game for a while & she has become to realise that people need honesty & no frills, because the beauty industry & the organic meaning has become - "A hypocritical mess". With this in mind, Lowry set out to rebrand INDAH to reflect what it always has been. Lowry sums it up nicely, "Our mind & body are more efficient when we get rid of the excess & we've stopped exposing ourselves to so much stuff & cleared out all that's complicated in love, life & business & I hope our customer can realise that & take it into their own."


In 2014 Teisha married her soul mate, Darren Cox, & together they opened the Melbourne based holistic health & wellbeing studio, Total Reformation, where they still work together today.

Teisha has established herself as a unique personality in the health & beauty spheres with a strong set of ethics & genuine integrity. Her mantra is, “Live & work harmoniously with humanity & our environment.”

She exemplifies that mantra through all her various roles including being an official ambassador for Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA). A role that sees her publicly raise awareness for the habitat destruction & deforestation caused by unethical Palm Oil farming in Borneo & Malaysia.

Never content to settle, Teisha works as a professional actor - with her dream of being centre stage firmly back in focus alongside the many other goals her endless enthusiasm supports, including the continued expansion of INDAH & the growth of Total Reformation.

Teisha is an ambassador for living a healthy, harmonious life that gives back to the world & its clear that she is far from finished doing that with release of The Beautiful Way adding author to her illustrious resume.


  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach - C.H.E.K Institute Level One
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Diploma in Aromatherapy
  • Natural Therapist specialising in Clinical Nutrition & Herbal Therapy

Teisha is available to comment on Food & Diet related topics, Skin Health, Detoxification, Exercise & Fitness stories.

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