palm oil investigations approved


POI can confirm that all products made by INDAH are 100% palm oil free. You know it is because Teisha makes INDAH herself! Much of the beauty industry relies on palm oil, & this is where INDAH can separate itself from the rest & lead by example. Teisha is so passionate about her environmental efforts, she has been recognized by numerous publications including The Age, InStyle Magazine, Green Magazine & Wellbeing Magazine just to name a few.


INDAH is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – an independent Australian non-profit organisation campaigning for a ban on animal-tested cosmetics. Animal testing is not necessary it's only to cover commercial beauty brand's arses from being sued. Although these companies claim to be doing it for your sake, so many brands like INDAH don't need to. Animal testing is not designed to protect the consumer, it's just a legal precaution incase you get a crazy reaction from their sh*t ingredients.


Since 2012 our founder, Teisha Lowry is an official ambassador to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA). Her work involves volunteering & speaking at schools & events, raising funds for rescuing & rehabilitating them. Her ultimate goal is for all Orangutans to be released back to the forest where they will be safe from human development, poaching & farming.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA) is totally dependent on support from adoptions, sales of merchandise & donations to help save the orangutan & the rain forest.