Coconut Oil To Go 100ml


Coconut Oil To Go 100ml



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HAND-PRESSED & READY TO GO: The key to the purity of INDAH’s Coconut Oil To Go is that it is hand-pressed, meaning the coconut meat is pressed & squeezed using nothing but a muslin cloth & very powerful hands.

***please note you may have noticed the price rise in the coconut oil - this is due to climate change & our farmers not being able to choose the best quality mature coconuts. I hardly make any margin on this product I am merely doing this to support our Coconut farmers***


Teisha describes the process as, “very beautiful to watch. The meat is washed hundreds of times through purified water and pressed by hand, what’s left is oil. It’s then filtered twelve times before the oil is scooped out at its purest level.”

"Instead of slathering yourself with more toxins & colourants from conventional body oils & hair treatments, why not try our cult hero "Coconut Oil" & there are so many ways you can use it, I don't know where to start! I like to include my coconut oil in my beauty regime as much as's the minimalist's approach for healthy skin, hair & nails! I love blending it into my healthy smoothies too."

INDAH’s Coconut Oil To Go boasts 57% Lauric Acid content meaning the oil is equipped with a serious dose of powerful microbial, which when applied topically are highly effective for fighting off free radical damage.

INDAH’s Coconut Oil To Go is certainly good enough to eat, but Teisha intended it to be a beauty product, she says, “They say coconut oil is like Mother Nature’s tree of life.  It is great for so many things, but I really wanted people to experience the benefits it has as a go-to beauty product.

INDAH’s Coconut Oil To Go also demonstrates the brand and Teisha’s integrity with every purchase helping to support Fairtrade & the less fortunate & physically challenged villagers who handcraft the oil, making it an even more special product.

INDAH’s signature product is now set to enrich lives even further, from the customer to the artisan producers.

Everybody goes nuts over our coconut oil & the consensus was to make it more user-friendly. It's still the same beautiful, crystal-clear coconut oil as before but this time, but I've found a way for you to take it everywhere (gym, work, vacay) & helps reduce waste & clutter from our environment.

Not content to settle on having one of the purest coconut oils on the market, Teisha set about distinguishing it further with their unique BPA Free recyclable pouches. The user-friendly packaging allows for it to be taken anywhere.


  • The minimalist's essential for glowing skin & strong, shiny hair
  • Convenient 100ml BPA free recyclable pouch - fits in your hand luggage, gym bag, handbag & you can pretty much take it anywhere
  • Contains Vitamins E & K, Iron & Fatty Acids which are important for the healthy growth & repair of the hair
  • Our coconut oil has been tested to include a staggering 57% lauric acid content
  • Extra Virgin & using the finest quality mature coconuts


If the oil is solid, just warm it between your hands to soften. Use for all hair, health & beauty treatments.


100% hand-pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.