Ask any CEO from any of the big beauty brands what's in their products and I bet you don't get an honest answer, or you get a slough of green-wash. Here's proof that there are still some people who walk the talk.

Teisha Lowry has established herself as a successful entrepreneur in the e-commerce world for eight years and counting. I sat down with her recently, where she opened up about INDAH's new creative direction and why being organic is becoming "BS" and how she's changing the beauty world.

BY: Marika Kouremenos

Q. What ignited the spark in you to change a new direction of your existing business?

A. To be brutally honest, I was so over the bullsh*t beauty brands lying to the public and making a butt load of money out of claiming they're organic, when in fact if you look closely they're's all BS. I didn't want INDAH to be seen as that or getting lost among the noise, so I decided to strip everything back, and I mean everything. I wanted INDAH to have a clean slate and that meant the products, packaging, ethos - pretty much everything. The BIG difference now is, there's much more to skincare than expensive organic creams - it's about simplicity and making room for more of what matters.

Q. How do you think your customer will react to the new change?

A. I think my customer will love it. It may be a bit of a shock at first, because INDAH was such a boho-pretty-looking-brand and it was sending beautiful messages, and now, it's very naked (including me) and black and white. But, this is the difference with INDAH, it's real, it always has been it's just time to prove it without the fluffiness.

Q. Everybody has been asking about the old range, will you bring it back or some of it?

A. The new change was a pretty big call. First of all we had to pull the coconut oil, that was a very sad decision, but it was the right thing to do for the business. Due to the American Dollar it was impossible to import into Australia at that cost. It just goes to show people want cheap nasty coconut oil from Coles for $5 and we couldn't do that to our coconut farmers.

The cost of certified organic ingredients is getting outrageous and all I ever wanted was the products to be 100% certified organic, but it's just too hard to make a completely organic product and sell it cheap. I decided to make a new range, something that was different and completely new and that used far more simpler ingredients. Don't get me wrong the ingredients we use are still the best but we are no longer certified organic, mainly because certified organic beauty brands are using crappy ingredients and getting away with it, so what difference does it make if the customer doesn't read the ingredient labels? All of the truthful brands like INDAH are just paying up to make the sh*t products look good. I would love to bring elements of the old range into the new INDAH but for now, I am pretty happy with what we have, they're very cool products that people can use every single day and know that we are safe to use and are not green washing people into thinking we are.

Q. What has been your greatest inspiration for the new direction thus far?

A. I think the whole new theme is a reflection of what I want and I what I think people need in their lives and that's simplicity. It's bringing life, love and business back to basics and focusing on what’s important, and that’s the INDAH community and the products.

Q. Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

A. For the first time in forever, I have no idea. I would like to say on a tropical island drinking a piña colada, but I think I would get bored out of my brain after a few weeks. I like that I don’t think about the future anymore because it used to stress me out. I have the bigger picture for INDAH and its success, however, I just want to enjoy the present and what will be will be, I just want to feel free.

Q.  What motivates you as an individual?

A. It can be really challenging stay motivated all the time, as I have so much going on it becomes overwhelming. When I try and align myself during the day to live intentionally rather than habitually, I can choose my moments and what I want in my life. This way, I am more constantly motivated and aligned with my goals and my days are filled with satisfaction rather than disappointment.

Image: Peter Coulson

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