LAUREN DUNNE: blogger, BLUSH HOUR; beauty journalist. SYD AUS.

By: Teisha Lowry-Cox (TLC)

Starting your own blog seems pretty easy right? Well for some it might be just a hobby, but for others - it means business. I once had my own blog called Queen Coco, it was unreal but boy it was hard work, there was no - I'll do it later kind of thing, it was everyday writing, talking, researching, testing and grammar checks (insert cringe emoji here). I've moved on, gladly, a full-time blog ain't my thing. I have left it to the pros - the real journos, you know? The ones who know what they're talking about and make it readable, they don't just make it look cool, they have created something and used the lost art of language and beautiful photo-journalling.

Meet beauty journalist, Lauren Dunne and she makes me wanna-wear eyeliner! Now seriously - check out that perfect liner - who can do that? She's not just a pretty face, she's very intelligent!  Lauren makes pretty look cool and not fluffy. She's rubbing shoulders with the best beauty products in the world and she's one of those (as above) and I want a piece of that brain child and if you want to be your own boss, then I suggest you keep reading, because

Lauren has something to tell you...

As simple as it gets I want to know - why did you start your beautiful blog Blush Hour?

I started the blog for selfish reasons, really! I wanted to do something creative that I enjoyed, and in addition I wanted to be my own boss and work to my own schedule. Having come from the hectic working environment of magazines and then digital publishing, I wanted a change of pace and better work/life balance. Plus I just like pretty things, so I wanted to create something that appealed to me aesthetically!

Does it take a lot of time management and planning when being editor of your own blog?

Being organised is the key to ensuring things run smoothly. I work on the blog part-time, and then I also do additional freelance writing, styling and photography on the side, so I need to make sure my week is planned out thoroughly and I make sure my editorial calendar is up to date so I can work on articles in advance.

Lauren Dunne Blush Hour

Can you give our readers some tips on how to be disciplined when working for yourself?

As boring as it might sound, it's all about setting a routine and then sticking to it. I find I'm better at doing creative things like writing and styling in the mornings, so I plan my day around that and then catch up on emails and admin in the afternoon. Also when you work for yourself it's important to still make time to socialise as you might find you miss the camaraderie of an office environment if you're new to working on your own, so penciling in time for coffee with a friend, networking events within your industry, or even something as simple as an exercise class when you can chat and be surrounded by other people is refreshing and energising.

Who inspires you?

Pretty much every woman I know inspires me in one way or another! Particularly businesswomen and entrepreneurs who had and idea and then had the courage to try and turn it into reality. A good friend of mine created her own online eco-beauty store and is doing marvellous things with that, and it's been very inspirational to watch her journey.

Lauren Dunne Blush Hour

How do you make life and business less complicated?

For me it comes down to saying yes to the things I actually enjoy and want to do, and no to things that's don't float my boat. Obviously we all have to do things we don't enjoy - that's life - but by actively trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on those less enjoyable things and by carving out more time for what I love and find rewarding has been a good rule to try and follow.

What are the simple things in life that you love and that make you feel happy?

Cups of tea, cute puppies on Instagram, chocolate, red wine, barre classes, and the occasional epic TV binge are some of the things that keep me happy and sane!

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