INDAH Inspires Natasha Mason Nourish Melbourne

In my eyes, Natasha Mason is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met. For one, she is one savvy business woman who founded Melbourne's first and only holistic health and wellness membership program called Nourish Melbourne which connects people to the best health and wellness businesses in Oz. And two, she is a foxy mumma and wellby (wellness warrior) where she shares her entrepreneurial spirit in promoting health and nourishment events around Melbourne.

What do I personally love about Natasha? There are women out there like Natasha who do it all - work hard, exercise, run an empire, be a Mum, wife, positive influence and always-always do it with a big raging smile. I love this girl so much she makes my heart burst into confetti - because this hot mumma deserves a shower of petals when she enters a room. If it wasn't for Natasha, INDAH and TR wouldn't have met most of the amazing individuals in the wellbeing community - what she does for everybody and their business/es is just phenomenal and so inspiring.

Natasha breaks down how she does biz...

On why she started out in business on her own:

Nourish Melbourne is about connecting people who want to live well, with those who want to help us live well – and vice versa! In a time where connectedness and community is somewhat dissolving, Nourish Melbourne brings the wellness community in Melbourne, to one place. The Nourish Melbourne Membership program ties this all together. There is no other Membership like it, and I’m proud of Nourish Melbourne being the first to have such an offering. By being a Nourish Melbourne Member, you save on attending Nourish Melbourne events, and when you access 150+ of our holistic health and wellness services and products (including INDAH and Total Reformation). I guess the ‘why’ comes down to the fact we can only live as well as what we know. With the knowledge we share via our blog, popular seminars, dinner events and workshops and connecting people to the most passionate holistic health professionals in Melbourne, I hope that more people become empowered to live truly happy, and fulfilled lives. Whether your job is in health and wellness or not, or whether you’re a ‘wellness junkie’ or not  – if your mind and body aren’t nourished, you can’t give your best to what you are passionate about, and those most important to you.

INDAH Inspires Natasha Mason

How she does it all including being a fitness freak:

‘Fitness freak’ has probably taken a back seat since becoming a Mama, but you know, it’s made me realise that being at a class every day (or twice a day for that matter!) is not really that important. Although in saying so, I am always excited to move my body and love to try all sorts of workouts! Scheduling time out is so important when you’re a Mum running your own business. If it’s not in the diary it just never happens and self-care is most definitely not selfish. After all, how will a business, or child, thrive and grow without a fully alert, awake, and refreshed driver in the drivers seat?  I’m grateful for a hugely supportive husband, who is always there when I want to book in a massage, acupuncture session, PT session, yoga class, course (because I LOVE learning about all things health and wellness!) a facial or whatever it is. And it doesn’t even have to be scheduling activities such as those above. Free activities also need to be scheduled – time off the lap top and just watching a movie at home, going for a walk, meditating. The simplest of all though has to be the latter - meditation. I’ve been practicing Vedic Meditation for six months now, and it has been truly life changing. I spend 40 minutes a day meditating (20 minutes, twice a day), and have not missed one single day since taking the course. The best thing I like to tell people about meditation, and what I learnt from my teacher, is that it’s not about the eyes closed state (i.e. the act of meditation), but doing it to change our ‘eyes open’ experience.

INDAH Inspires Natasha Mason Nourish Melbourne

It's ok to make mistakes and learn from it:

Oh yeah, so many mistakes. Although look at the word ‘mistakes’ – it’s just a miss take on a situation. Therefore, my lesson is not to worry. Worrying has never ever made a situation better, and there’s not once I’ve looked back at those mistakes, or not so nice surprises along the way, which have happened, where I’m still worrying about them to this day. Not one. So what’s the point in losing sleep over it at the time? Sometimes this is easier said than done, but I make a conscious effort to come back to this sentiment whenever curve balls come my way.

The little things that make her happy:

Good coffee, delicious food, good hugs, sunshine, and giggling with my little miss.

INDAH Inspires Natasha Mason Nourish Melbourne

Fav place to eat at the mo:

I am loving Holy Bowly in Hampton right now. Ticks ALL the boxes for me – delicious and tasty organic food, incredible service, happy and friendly staff, and just an overall great vibe. My last delicious meal there was this ‘Abundance Bowl’, which is full of veg, kraut, avo, greens, tempeh and all things nice. Finished off with a coconut milk golden latte (think turmeric and nourishing spices like cinnamon, black pepper and ginger), and I’m definitely in my happy place! Let’s meet there again soon, please?

INDAH Inspires Natasha Mason Nourish Melbourne

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On turning 2:

Following the 2nd birthday of the Nourish Melbourne Membership on the 13th May, we are having our birthday week of celebrations. That means, for any new members who sign up they’ll receive a free gift of their choice. Want to know what the gifts are? Head to this link to find out more and sign up – time to get connected, and be rewarded!

Images by: Kit Haselden 

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