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This much I know: Kombucha is good for me and it feels like I'm drinking beer - so why not. And Audrey is creator of the best Kombucha in town.

BY: Teisha Lowry Cox

There's no magic bullet when it comes to health, but what's the next best thing that comes out promising to change how we view health? It turns my eyeballs back into my head. I always plant the-devil-she-knows into these things because - no matter what fad or elixir promises youth and healthy Instagram-friendly pics I have to ask questions...Most of the time I just choose traditionally...you know the stuff that's been around for a long long time, and generally stuff that hasn't been filled with synthetics or overly-promised-marketing-lingo.

As it turns out, I stumbled across this beautiful Kombucha brand called Extra Mile, made locally by this really awesome cool-chic who says it how it is: Audrey Scharf. I met Audrey along the way at wellness events with Nourish Melbourne, and since then we've gotten along smashingly. Most peeps in the wellness-bubble know her, because everywhere you look - there's Audrey selling her divine Kombucha koncoctions. I wanted to learn more about this beautiful being and consult with her why her pro-biotic-powered drinks are precisely what we should be getting more of.

INDAH Inspires Extra Mile

Who’s your hero?

I struggled to answer this question. I don’t think I can pinpoint one ‘hero’ in my life, however, I have a lot of influential people that I see as my everyday heroes. Basically, everyone that has brought me and shaped me to where I am now is my hero and they do not even know it.

My friends pick me up off the ground and motivate me every day, they lead me to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. My mentors are also my heroes: seeing the wonderful and ambitious things they have achieved, by believing they can and working towards that goal rubs off onto me.

Today, however, my hero is Rosie who created Rise Yoga out of the goodness from her heart -  to encourage everyone to become comfortable and love themselves, she created a sanctuary and a community where everyone can believe in themselves and become empowered. The teachers also breathe this enlightening energy, namely Rowie, who is also one of my heroes, even though they don’t know it.

Tomorrow, one of my other friends will be my hero. It just depends on what day it is and who’s there to guide me through the adventures that come my way.

 Why did you start your own Kombucha Co?

As cliché as the story goes, I had not planned to start it. I had a lot of health problems and started drinking Kombucha and it made me feel really good, I began going to Kombucha workshops and started making it myself. It got to the point where it was overtaking my kitchen and I was giving so much away to friends, I thought why not? Why not start passing it around further? That’s when Extra Mile started. I wanted people to be able to ‘Go the Extra Mile’ and look after themselves…nourish and go that little bit extra.

My fav flav is the Matcha - what’s yours?

Oh Yum!! Matcha is so delicious. I secretly add chlorophyll and mint to it for extra benefits and goodness. The chlorophyll is also an easy way to get extra greens into your diet, instead of munching on a bunch of Kale.

My favourite flavour is probably pomegranate and mint which I sometimes make as a special. Or a wild orange I’m working on. However, nothing beats a Lemon Detox on a hot day.

INDAH Inspires Extra Mile

What’s the best achievement you’ve had since starting Extra Mile?

There are so many achievements. Each time I get a new customer it’s so rewarding and when I receive a nice email from a customer, I always find that as an achievement. However, being able to be a part of the ‘Wellness Book’ created for all things Melbourne wellness was a milestone. Being able to build my own commercial kitchen was almost pinch worthy, I’m practically a builder now as well as a fermenter!

There's a few Kombucha brands out there are full of sugar, what sets Extra Mile from the rest?

Ah yes, I’m glad you read the ingredients on the Kombucha bottles. My kombucha is quite different as it is not force carbonated (therefore not as fizzy as the other brands, but still quite fizzy.) I do not add any sugar in the second fermentation, I only add organic fruits and organic essential oils, which further add nutritionally and health benefits. Currently, there are no other Kombucha companies that use essential oils - cool hey!

INDAH Inspires Extra Mile

WOW! THat is cool, glad you use EO's - great for everything! Who’s your biggest inspiration and how come they rub off on you?

My inspirations are pretty much every woman I know. We are all so amazing. The majority of my close friends have their own businesses and seeing them flourish and thrive in their own business and life really inspires me to be the best I can be, in both health and business.  I can ring them up anytime and they are always there for me with the right answer.

I think anyone that has the courage to do something and give it a go is inspiring- the game changers, the doers, the people that create something they want to see happen.

INDAH Inspires Extra Mile

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