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Who says you can't mix friendship with business? I am very curious as to how that works exactly, so the story goes....there's these two entrepreneurs who've been working together for years, and it all stemmed from fashion to lifestyle and everything in between.

They obviously exemplify the whole wavelength thing on another level and you could possibly say they're like sisters, they have similar views on life and have made it work, that is why it's so inspiring. Here's the breakdown on how they do it and keep the trials and tribulations of Two Stories a successful friend/business/working relationship.

How did you both meet? And why did you start Two-stories?

We meet at high school and have been the best of friends for 10 plus years now.

A lot of people don’t know that the name ‘Two Stories’ came from our first idea of designing and producing two-sided clutch bags that could be worn both day and night, formal and casual (hence the name Two Stories). In the lead up to the launch of our label, we had started to interview social media influencers in the fashion world about their story and the essential items they carry in their handbag. With our busy lifestyle, we had to put the production of the clutch bags on hold. However we really enjoyed interviewing people and the social media side of the business so continued to keep our Instagram and website running.

Now, Two Stories is a platform for us to connect with brands, businesses, and digital influencers to share their stories!  At the moment, Two Stories is a hobby that we work on after work hours, but who knows what the future holds!

INDAH Two Stories

What’s your secret for keeping a sane friendship and working relationship?

I think when you have known someone for half your life you have an open friendship and it keeps your friendship ‘sane’. We don’t always agree with each other and if we do have a problem (which is very, very rare) we confront each other straight away.

Our working relationship works because we compliment each other’s strengths and bounce off each other for ideas. Laura is great on the tech side of things - creating and maintaining the website as well as writing the blog posts. While Dom is good on the marketing side of things – reaching out to people whose stories we want to share and looking after the Instagram account.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

We both come from families who have their own businesses so we have seen the benefits of hard work paying off. However, our biggest inspiration would be Laura’s cousin Lauren Di Bartolo. Lauren is the Founder and Director of Australian Style Institute which provides training, mentoring and support to people who want to launch their own business in the style and image industry. Lauren is a young, driven and motivated person and through her we have seen what can be achieved when you are willing to put in the hard yards and have a passion for what you do.

We are minimalists here at INDAH HQ do you incorporate this kind of philosophy in your lives?

Yes, we sure do – we incorporate this into many areas of our lives. We like to keep our cooking simple cooking with only a few ingredients at a time. We also both keep makeup to a minimum and use natural skin care products. When it comes to our wardrobe you’ll find that we both keep it very basic (white, black, grey and denim are our staples) and add accessories to change it up!

What’s next for Two Stories?

We are currently putting the majority of our focus into interviewing and finding new and exciting stories to share. We hope to also have some guest writers on our website soon too. Stay tuned! 

INDAH Two Stories

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