We have learned that living simply really isn't simple at all. It takes time for us to learn how to slow down and find ways to simplify our life, but we got to dig deep to learn new ways to reduce the clutter, craziness and complications. Start slow and use these 3 ways to start living a simpler life in a modern world, because we ALL bloody need it!

BY: Marika Kouremenos

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#1 Slow Down

There are times when we are so used to doing everything in a hurry that we don't notice how fast-paced life has become, and before we know it, it's too late and we're in hospital with worse complications. This first tip seems so basic, but we need to remind ourselves more often: write down these words "SLOW DOWN" and put them around in various places, such as your screen saver on your phone, laptop, diary, post it note in the car, mirror....simply reading the words "slow down" will allow you to pause for a moment and notice What am doing? Where am I? What surrounds me? Take 3 deep breaths into the lower belly and say to yourself "I have time". This is the first step to mindfulness...


#2 Practice Mindfulness

We're not going to get all hippy on you, but you really need to chill the f*ck out! The reason simplifying our lives is attractive to us, for the most part, is because every bit of our life we simplify we find a little more peace and joy in each moment of the day and a big part of simplifying life comes in reducing the often overwhelming chatter occurring in our minds. We're going to pull this one out on you: change your mind change your life. Being mindful doesn't mean just sitting there on a cushion and ommming our hearts out, it's just about waking up. It's breaking through all that sh*t that happens to us during the day. One simple thing you can do is be AWARE, yeah being aware of yourself and the thing you are doing is the cure to calming this internal chatter so that our minds can rest in simple peace. Focus on the task at hand, look at what you are really doing, observe your thoughts and feelings in the present time, and do practice #1 and if all else fails, walk outside - take a deep breath and return to what you need to do and repeat the process. You will find the present is far more enjoyable and productive.


#3 De-clutter

A simple, concrete way to embrace simple living is to de-clutter your home and office. It will give you a sense of what you own and allow you to get rid of stuff you don't need. Clean out your wardrobe, desk, bags, makeup bag and cupboards and whilst doing this you'll feel lighter and free to be less inclined to bring more stuff in. The rule of thumb...if you don't love it or use it, it's clutter. Oh and stop buying more crap you don't need. Simple as that, you will feel free and less complicated in love, life and business.

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