EST. 2008

INDAH (meaning beautiful in Indonesian), the Australian natural beauty brand built a cult following when its products launched into the market in 2008. It’s Bare & Real, a refreshingly minimalistic & effective approach to natural beauty.

Founder, Teisha Lowry says, “There's much more to beauty than expensive creams, it's about simplicity & making room for more of what matters. People need honesty in beauty, without the frills, it's about stopping & smelling the roses, that's what INDAH is.”

The range features predominantly unisex dual-purpose products for the face & body. Each product is housed in simple BPA free, recycled/recyclable plastic, glass or aluminium containers. Easily transportable pouches & travel friendly products also reflect the brand’s identity.


Teisha has not only painstakingly formulated & designed each product; they are also handcrafted by her in small fresh batches, apart from the Coconut Oil. You order it, she hand-bottles each creation, & then wraps each product with her own brand of Tender Love & Care. INDAH and Teisha are one in every aspect.

INDAH always has & continues to use the most premium & powerful ingredients on earth that are 100% natural & certified organic & vegan wherever possible. Ingredients such as, Fragonia, a newly discovered oil from the Indigenous areas of South Western Australia, Marshmallow, Indonesian Medicinal Oils such as wild Cajeput, Indian Champa Flower, real Vanilla resin & the finest grade of exotic flowers. INDAH also produces one of the purest coconut oils on earth: hand-pressed through muslin cloth.

The core values that INDAH is known & loved for remain at the heart of the brand. There’s no preservatives, synthetics, fillers, toxins or artificial fragrances to be found & the brand maintains its accreditation with Choose Cruelty Free (CCF). Each product is also Palm Oil free & Teisha remains an official ambassador for Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA), campaigning against the vast negative impact that unethical Palm Oil farming generates.

INDAH is Australian owned & hand-crafted in small fresh batches without toxic ingredients that harm you & our environment.

Campaign images by Peter Coulson